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The key asset to every railroad is the property it owns or controls over which the railroad runs. Given the nature of a railroad, that ownership is, relative to most people’s experience of land ownership, very narrow and very long!

Because of that nature, there are many places where the railroad “interacts” with other entities, be they roads, pipelines, wires, and more.

Along with listings of Available Rail Access, we have additional information on Pipeline / Wireline, Railroad Crossings, Industrial Spurs, and Right of Entry.

For Right of Entry’s, Pipe and Wire Occupancies or any other access to SMVRR property, please contact RailPros at the below email or phone number:


Phone: 402-965-0539

Guadalupe Train

A Santa Maria Valley Railroad train departs the Guadalupe interchange, hauling cars to various customers in the valley.

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Report Signal Malfunctions

To report a signal malfunction, call us at:
Phone: 805-925-4670


The Santa Maria Valley Railroad provides daily freight service to our customers along our 14 miles of well maintained mainline track. Potential customers can learn more about shipping by rail here.

Rail Access Properties

Click Here for information about properties for sale or lease along or very near the railroad.

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